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Saturday, July 19, 2008

soccer mom...huh?

today i took my son to his first soccer game.

cliff note version: he resisted.

his fight to 'not play' lasted a few minutes longer than i thought (and if you know aaron at all--you KNOW he can put on some LONG fits!) and i must admit that the high temps and the sun blaring did add to his frustration and fear of this strange game i was forcing him to play.

he did a great job blending in with the kids and jumping into the action. i was proud of him. and then i found myself falling into the pattern of becoming 'one of those moms' yelling spiritedly (and loudly-we are not a quiet family) for my son to "follow the ball" lugging my huge DSLR, snapping photos when i know that the light is terrible. at times i looked around to see if anyone was repulsed by my obnoxiousness. i did get a few glares but nothing too significant. all in all--it was a lesson in culture shock. but it was a fun lesson.

we are now official 'soccer parents' and, now I know to tone it down... just a little bit.