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I am a family, portrait, wedding and lifestyle photographer. The process of making people comfortable with the camera is just as much of a passion for me as is capturing the moment. It is important to me to make the photo session experience a memorable one as well. I know it's a generic statement but I am passionate about life and the urgency to document the moments as they unfold. Take time to invest in the days of your lives. Call me--I can help! I've created a "book of days" gallery on my website: where I do that for my own life. Hopefully it showcases who I am as a person as well as as a photographer.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

one last post before my vacation!

this family photo session made my heart sing. the bright colors were very metaphorical for this bright, colorful, lively and happy group! i had so much fun hanging out with them and capturing all of these images that it hardly seemed like work. (well until i had all of the images to process and edit!)

but i shot these with a tripod and my trusty cable release and the rest was a breeze. the light was--a m a z i n g. we met at 7:30 am and were done by 10:30 on the 4th of july for this family reunion. i welcomed the haze and the overcast skies. it was a photographer's dream lighting.

enjoy the smiles of this fun group just like i did!

and melissa--i am so excited that i our paths have crossed. i have a feeling you and i are going to have lots of fun together in the years to come! true serendipity meeting you my new friend!

see all of you faithful readers (are you out there??) next month!

love, streaming through the mountain air...

two words: michelle and kevin.

one equation:

michelle + kevin = love

cheesy but so true. these two reek of love for one another. their gazes at one another are sweet, tender and...well...just lovely.

i first saw these gazes this past fall when i did their engagement session. i marveled at the way kevin looked at michelle.

this past weekend, on their wedding day, i saw michelle's looks to kevin come out full force. and hopefully you can see these gazes, unscripted and pure just as i did in the photos of this post.

the mountain air was full of sweet love as kevin and michelle said their vows to god and to one another surrounded by their families and friends.

i was honored to be there and to get the chance to document this sweet day in the mountains of colorado.

enjoy hawaii you guys!