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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

easy (and fun) lunchboxes...

serendipity. i love that word. and it's a word that comes up often in my journey.

a friend posted about some new lunchbox system she had ordered. when i read the blog post i just had to have them.

see--we hike A LOT. we take the boys to the park A LOT, to the zoo A LOT (you get the drift here) and needed something fun and easy for lunches. BINGO! these fit the bill for us in so many ways.

i love them!
i loved the idea and placed an order.

then when i got the pretty packages in the mail i had an idea to photograph them. i contacted the owner (official title: Mom and CEO) Kelly Lester and we immediately clicked.

she is passionate, creative, kind, generous and so excited about her product. (just like me!)

upon hearing about my idea to photograph them she immediately credited my pay pal account for the order in exchange for the pics i took. i had fun playing around with my camera and the lunchboxes.

(note: water bottles not included.)

here are some important details:
these single-lid, 3-compartment plastic food containers come in fun colors and contain no bpa, pvc, lead, vinyl or phthalates. (you can read safety reports on the website too.)

they are FDA approved and (best of all!) dishwasher and microwave safe. i was quite pleased with how sturdy and durable they are.

need help encouraging your child to take a healthy lunch? read the lunch tips section from the website too to make your child's lunch more fun and nutritious.

so-- we went on a picnic this weekend. i packed up our lunches and took some shots. kelly loved them and is using the images for her marketing!

no payment was necessary--kelly just sent me some lunchboxes to share with friends. perfect! and i love the idea of one passionate business owner/mom helping out another!


so i am going to spread the news to you too. first comment gets a set for yourself to try!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the bluest eyes, lollipops and laughter...

every year for the past few, this family has trusted me to capture their precious family memories. that sentence feels so good to type. and even better to think about. i feel so blessed. i love to be around them. they are happy. they have the bluest eyes, the biggest smiles and, thanks to me, lollipops.

we have met at the same park over the past few years so i was thrilled when mom asked to mix it up a bit. i loved the colors she dressed the family in--colorful and lively. and the light was perfect. the rest was so easy. this family naturally connects with the camera because they connect with each other so well. the smiles, hugs and kisses were all so fulfilling.

my job is to stand back and watch the family interact and to document it. so easy right? sure i switched the shutter speed and aperture. sometimes i added a circular polarizer and switched lenses twice. easy. fun. simple. perfect.

thanks melissa for sharing your family with me over the years. for believing in me and my photography and for just being so fun to be around.