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Saturday, July 3, 2010

simple days can be so magical...

so don't forget to bring your camera.

i'd be willing to bet many photographers get those eye rolls from friends and family members about having to stop for a picture. c'mon--you know what i am taking about right? my husband is captured several times in this post with "that look" that i am describing. he hates that i bring my camera everywhere. hates even more when i whip it out in public places like the colorado rockies game last night.

but i can't help it. i am a photographer right?

hi, my name is mary beth, and i have a problem....

everyday moments can often surprise us with powerful emotion and even more powerful memories. and the way i look at it...the power is in the simple interactions. the real interactions that aren't scripted.

so our lovely occupational therapist and friend lindsay kindly offered us 4 great seats to the rockies first fireworks game last night. it didn't even cross my mind not to bring my camera and a lens or two (despite the cloudy skies). i knew i couldn't bring a tripod so i figured i'd make the best of my hand held skills.

and although the fireworks shots are less than perfect (where my tripod and cable release would have made the world of difference), the simple moments of father and sons enjoying a baseball game together are, to me, just priceless.

yes casey's struggles were a huge factor of the night. the noise and the crowd frightened him terribly. he cried and wanted to leave several times. but a few treats later and we were happily enjoying our view (and the snacks). and he did pretty well too during the fireworks (his first ever).

so despite the eye rolls and frustration with my passion for documentation of our lives together--i've created a nice set of images for us to forever remember our lovely lovely evening together as a family.

thanks lindsay and brandon for your generous gift.


hoffalady said...

well done MB! you're much better w/ those hand held fireworks shots than me... i adore the shots of the hubby w/ the boys. those always melt my heart....

Hillary- A Photographer Friend said...

Great capturing of your evening together...These types of events that would be lost over the years without a camera to freeze your fun times together are precious treasures in the years ahead. Believe me, I know.. Funny how my kids got impatient with me taking pictures over the years, but now treasure many of those pictures and the memories of times together as much as Steve and I are right to carry your is part of who you are! Great shots!