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Thursday, August 13, 2009

bittersweet surrender

(sophie the skateboarder)

(daughter and son in law)

(mother and son)

(the family)

(mother and daughter)

(all of the kids)

i have had the pleasure and privileged of knowing my friend janet over the past few years. never before have i known a more giving, kind and spiritual person so well. she's taught me. and taught me. and teaches me still. somehow the simple words 'thank you' seemed way too generic to offer to her. so, i did what i do best, and offered to take some pics of her family.

janet is going through the most bittersweet of moments in life. BOTH (scratch that--all three of her children--as she has an amazing son in law too) are taking a huge step in life. a huge step away from their family. her lovely daughter and her sweet husband are packing up and moving to ohio. she is pursuing a masters/phd program and will be committing at least 5 years of their lives away from colorado. and away from janet. keep in mind that janet home schooled both of these children and, suffice it to say, they are both her best friends.

janet's son recently graduated from high school and has enlisted in the marine corp. after a family road trip across country to get his sister and hubby situated in ohio, he will be off to basic training camp and then off to some very new places.

janet's pain in palpable. her response to it is admirable. she is, most definitely, experiencing life's very bittersweet surrender.

you are loved janet. you have given these amazing children the most magical of experiences. they are blessed. you are blessed. and although they will be physically far away--they will always remain as close as they are today because of your immeasurable love.

i wanted to capture simple glances and simple stares. i wanted to freeze the emotion. to forever preserve the magic and mighty glances only a mother can give.
did i do it? well--you be the judge.


Lavender Luz said...

Oh, yes, you did.

I think the pinkie promise encapsulates the love in such a rich way.

Ondrea said...

Janet - you look wonderful!!! So random that I happened on this photographer's blog. (she's doing a benefit for a mom I'm associated with).