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Friday, June 20, 2008

What Ever Happened to...

...the lost art of 'writing'?. am i the only one who misses getting mail: cards, letters, heck--anything hand-written and or creative? over the years i seemed to have collected cards from a variety of cool bookstores i've visited. most of the time i don't have anyone in mind, at the time of purchase, to send them to--i just like the design or the message. and i guess i like the thought of sending out something to someone to brighten their day. (secretly i guess i am hoping someone will do the same for me.)

i make cards out of the photos i take and get excited glueing them to the cardstock, pulling out my favorite black ink marker, stamps, address book and labels. it gives me a sense of accomplishment knowing someone is going to get something other than bills and junk mail to open.

recently my best buddy from high school (we graduated 25 years ago) came to colorado for a visit with her daughter. we had a lot of fun. i hadn't seen her in 7 years (since my wedding in 2001) although we talk regularly and have a strong relationship. i convinced her to extend her trip and i think she didn't regret it. this friend of mine is one of the best writers i have ever known (pretty significant considering i was exposed to some pretty amazing ones while working on my bachelor's degree in english writing and literature at penn state university). she has NEVER written me a note or a letter over this past 7 years so i TREASURE the thank you note she recently posted to us after her visit. although it's not "deep" (nor should it have been) it was hand-written and lovely. getting something like that means so much.

i send notes to my husband's grandmother and parents as well as my parents and try to include prints of the grandkiddos (especially for those who don't have high speed internet access nor the technical skills and patience to navigate the world-wide-web.)

each week my mom mails me coupons from the sunday paper. believe it or not, i save every envelope that she mails because i get to see her handwriting (beautiful i must note) and because she takes the time to think of me.)

don't get me wrong, i am as addicted to email and the internet as the next stay-at-home-mom in search of connecting with others. i guess the only difference with this gal is that i love and miss getting and sending out actual mail.

deep down i do wonder if anyone actually reads this blog--so here's a challenge: if you do read this--email me--reach out electronically and let me know you were here and took the time to stop by.


Lori said...

Here I am!

I've almost forgotten what it feels like to get something in the mailbox that isn't a bill.

Your mom DOES have nice handwriting.

Spicy Sister said...

I read this a while back but didn't read all the way down - I am here, reading too and looking forward to meeting you!

TucsonHillary said...

Hi MB - I have not been to your blog in awhile, but happened to be here today, so here's my 2 cents. I too enjoy writing and am so grateful for e-mail as handwriting is something I don't really do very much, but I love the communication that e-mail does afford me. I think after 34 years as a dental hygienist my hand just is not comfortable writing, but the keyboard is fine.
I have a small note my mother wrote me when I was a freshman in college (1970) and a daily journal she wrote when she visited me while I was living in Israel that I have saved and treasured...along with other things, of course. I love seeing the handwriting and her words.. It is very important to me. Nice that you wrote about that in your blog. I will come back and visit again soon! Have a great 4th of July! Hillary

Heasleye said...

OK...this is uncanny! I have an email all ready to go to you and was just checking your blog before I hit send! :) I agree...getting something in the actual mail box is special. And sending something to someone via the USPS on a regular basis is a goal of mine for the rest of this year. Three cheers for snail mail! Although, I admit, I do enjoy email as well.

Anonymous said...

I blogged about this very think a year or so ago and received a hand-written note from a friend in Israel after that. She and I exchange hand-written notes probably 2 or 3 times a year now. I'm with you... whatever happened to the woman's writing desk where sheets of delicate colored paper and a fountain pen grace it?!!! (I saw your link on Smugmug)