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I am a family, portrait, wedding and lifestyle photographer. The process of making people comfortable with the camera is just as much of a passion for me as is capturing the moment. It is important to me to make the photo session experience a memorable one as well. I know it's a generic statement but I am passionate about life and the urgency to document the moments as they unfold. Take time to invest in the days of your lives. Call me--I can help! I've created a "book of days" gallery on my website: where I do that for my own life. Hopefully it showcases who I am as a person as well as as a photographer.

Friday, August 22, 2008

randomness of life...

aaron is showing a strong interest in music and art--i am thrilled!

i did something just for me and bought myself a new, more practical wedding band (in order to preserve my platinum set which is getting pretty beat up.)

aaron and addison hanging out at tamara's 'resort' in broomfield

where else can i go and get photography-related gifts? she bought me a very cool reflector set for my birthday! what a friend eh?

i have been feeling so scattered--so overwhelmed with ideas and thoughts about photography, editing, post-production and documenting passionate moments. today i am going to post about random things going on in our lives.

our friends tam and her girls were out of town for several weeks--we missed them so! we went up to their place yesterday and the kids connected again (i love to see my sons playing with barbies and toy horses) and tam and i gorged on yummy snacks and fun conversation. perfect.

i am feeling energized and excited about starting a photography business! wish me luck!


Lori said...

I love seeing these. That is a beautiful wedding band. I have wanted to get one for myself for awhile. You've inspired me.

I know you'll do great with your photo business. I sing your praises whenever I can.

See you soon!

Heasleye said...

Oh, your new wedding band is lovely! Can't wait to hear more about your business!

AngelaPace said...

I wanted to wish you lots & lots of good luck with the business...I can't wait to hear about all of the success and see all of those WONDERFUL photos you'll be taking! Beautiful wedding band!