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Saturday, September 20, 2008

in the painting of...chaos!

there is nothing like the feeling of cool wet paint in between your fingers and toes--oozing color and squishing against your skin.

i used to paint after college when i was not sure what i wanted to be (or who i wanted to be) while i lived with my parents after college and while i was 'in love' with the absolute wrong guy. you get the point right? to me, painting was a way of dealing with my stress and the chaos of my life. the times that i felt most creative were during these painful days. but sitting down with my paints was totally cathartic back the (in the early 90's). and still is.

the 'stress du jour' is that i'm debating getting a new camera body (full frame). translation=LOTS of our savings to be bet on a business I believe in-but not a lot yet on the books to justify it. it's stressing my husband out and, in turn, stressing me out. in this economy-is it wise to take a huge financial risk on a passion/hobby with no business plan? chaos-you see. so like in the old days-i turn to my painting to release some of the tension and to help me channel my pent up creative energy.

today i introduced the boys to painting.

at first they weren't sure it was ok to play with the paint. at times they looked at me to make sure i was really squirting the paint on the cardboard in front of them. my oldest son dove right in (with his brush) and started his cardboard box creation. then he started painting his legs, arms and toes. i loved it!
and the little guy thought it might be good to stuff the entire brush of blue paint into his mouth just in the off chance it might be food.

surprisingly-cleanup was easy and nobody was harmed in the activity. (thank goodness for non toxic paint.) i highly recommend this as a dance in creative energy and chaos. it's good for the soul!


Lori said...

I'm *almost* inspired enough to face the mess.

You're a good mama.

Denise said...

Oooo, that looks so fun!

Spicy Sister said...

I have been DYING to paint lately - thanks for inspiring me!!! :) Looks like so much fun = the boys will have such great memories of these times!

Gerry Daniel said...

You are brave to turn them loose with that - we have 3 sons, the youngest of which will be 20 in October - I can only imagine the havoc they could have created with that kind of freedom :)

aka Dream Hat Photography - SmugMug

Heasleye said...

Bravo, Momma! Not sure I could handle that. I guess I haven't been blessed with experiencing the stress relief of this activity. But, I believe you when you say it's cathartic.