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Monday, October 12, 2009

michelle and kevin

some blog posts just don't need a lot of words. this is one of them. these two are so in love and they couldn't hide it from the camera. i love that kevin wears his wedding ring months before the wedding just to prove his commitment. and they way these two look at each other is just priceless.

they were up for anything including shooting at red rocks in wind, rain and cold weather. and they were cool with walking around and getting tons of poses in different locations. we even met a few weeks later to take some more pics. they never complained. all i had to do was feed them fried green tomatoes, fried pickles and an order of nachos (sans the sour cream for kevin) from merle's restaurant in downtown littleton and we were all good.

i honestly can't wait for your wedding in july! you two are just so fun to be around!



ferfischer said...

Love these - we're very lucky to have Michelle in our lives as well - and we're very excited for their wedding too!