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I am a family, portrait, wedding and lifestyle photographer. The process of making people comfortable with the camera is just as much of a passion for me as is capturing the moment. It is important to me to make the photo session experience a memorable one as well. I know it's a generic statement but I am passionate about life and the urgency to document the moments as they unfold. Take time to invest in the days of your lives. Call me--I can help! I've created a "book of days" gallery on my website: where I do that for my own life. Hopefully it showcases who I am as a person as well as as a photographer.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

a subtle sadness has overcome me....

my babies are in school. they are growing up. and...


hoffalady said...


it gets easier MB. i promise. you'll discover new and amazing things about your boys. they will turn into lil men right before your eyes... but when they need a squeeze, they'll turn right back into your babies again.

fantastic portraits!

<3 A

Lavender Luz said...

Not even a teeny happy dance?

Your boys are so handsome.

Anonymous said...

Yes, nice work Mary... but I'll warn you: just wait till they get married! Don't watch Father of the Bride by yourself... I'm sure it translates well for mothers and sons too!