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Saturday, November 15, 2008

portraits....getting the right shots quickly

my friends, my models--and, this past saturday, my teachers. i struggle with getting quickly to the 'real shots'...the relaxed and fun ones. the ones that exist after the poses and the fake smiles. i thought today, since i know these folks pretty well, that i'd get better images of them.
wrong! my time ran out before i could really get the true images...before i could capture the true intimacy that i know exists within this family.
the sun was an issue for sure so there are more shadows in the images than i'd like but we did have fun hiking around this open space park. i ended up taking over 400 images--mostly posed ones. but i did get some candids that i liked.
my lingering question--what is the secret to getting the 'right' images in a quick period of time? and how do other photographers factor in the need reel in the fidgety kiddos within that quick time period too?
anyone feelin' my pain? been there? drop me a line please!


Andi said...

For me, I think of taking photos as something akin to watching a football game - or any sports game. You can see the setup, but you need to wait until the goal to shoot. If you're patient and watch for it, it gets easier!

Great photos, though!! That light is SO freakin' hard, but you did great!