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I am a family, portrait, wedding and lifestyle photographer. The process of making people comfortable with the camera is just as much of a passion for me as is capturing the moment. It is important to me to make the photo session experience a memorable one as well. I know it's a generic statement but I am passionate about life and the urgency to document the moments as they unfold. Take time to invest in the days of your lives. Call me--I can help! I've created a "book of days" gallery on my website: where I do that for my own life. Hopefully it showcases who I am as a person as well as as a photographer.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

leaves are falling--leaves are falling......

i love referrals.

i did my dear friend tamara's family photos a few weeks ago (and i am totally behind on blogging those yet) and they inspired a friend of hers to book a session with me.

we met in lovely morrison, colorado. i love the vibe of the town, the quirky details and the lovely relaxed atmosphere. every time i walk the town looking for new fun photo shoot locations i stumble onto something even more interesting than the last time i shot there. that's my kind of town.

i take referrals serious as that is a chance to develop new relationships and to foster old ones. i like to deliver the images quickly and i LIVE for their reaction to them.

this morning, i checked my email to find two emails from the client--both with super pleased reactions. the first one:
Wow Mary Beth!!!

"We really, really love the pictures. Thank you so much for spending your time with us. I am very impressed! "

and the second one (in response to me asking if i may post them in a blog:

"Ahh, just went through them again. So happy : )

Yes, please use them all you want!"

in addition to being quite pleased with the images--i also love that the families and i have FUN together! we ran, we played in the leaves and we laughed. a perfect fall evening spend in morrison with this lovely family. we all parted with smiles on our faces. taking photos never ever seems like a job to me!

i even sang my favorite fall song for the kids:
it goes like this:
leaves are falling
leaves are falling
one fell on my nose
leaves are falling
leaves are falling
one fell on my too-es!
leaves are falling
leaves are falling
one fell on my head
leaves are falling
leaves are falling

and in this pic i even had the family singing along!